Chat GPT for SEO: The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO

Chat GPT for SEO The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO

Chat GPT for SEO: The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO

Chat GPT for SEO: The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO. Since its appearance, ChatGPT has become hugely famous and servers are having difficulty keeping up. We have previously shared some great alternatives of the AI chatbot from OpenAI, but today we are looking at tools that allow for greater potential in using it. 

You can access ChatGPT through a Chrome tab, yet did you know there are ways to bring it to other websites too?  Read more on Chat GPT for SEO: The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO.

The internet has provided us with 4 fantastic ChatGPT Chrome extensions that make it easier than ever to bring the capabilities of this technology wherever you want. From now on, no matter how you intend to use ChatGPT, there’s an extension out there that’ll help you do just that. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions available!

Best 4 Chat GPT for SEO: The Best Chat GPT Extension for SEO

  1. The WebChatGPT application

However, ChatGPT lacks a central thing, access to the latest Internet information, despite its wise, confident answers and informational database. Since ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data, the answers are out of date for anything that happened after that time. Fortunately, one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions, WebChatGPT, helps overcome this limitation.

This extension boosts the capabilities of the bot, allowing it to return web results relevant to whatever you ask. It searches the web for appropriate links, displays these search results, and gathers information based on them. Additionally, you can select filters such as time, region, and quantity of results, or deactivate the extension via the toggle to return to native ChatGPT modes. Despite a slight increase in text response size, I think it is worth it; though it does add to our worries about plagiarism.

  1. Google ChatGPT

The ChatGPT AI chatbot is restricted to a single browser tab, so if you want it at all times, you have to keep that tab open. The ChatGPT extension solves the problem by bringing the bot to search engines. With the ChatGPT for Google extension, you can display ChatGPT responses alongside Google search results. To set it up, log in to OpenAI using the extension, and then you’re ready to go.

The ChatGPT extension springs into action whenever you’re using Google, with no additional initiation. Just input your search query, as usual, to see a new ChatGPT panel show up instead of the traditional knowledge panel on the side. Here, ChatGPT will deliver a reply based on your inquiry – from responding to prompts, generating code, solving problems, and beyond. No extra effort is required – just like its website version.

  1. ChatGPT Writer – Write emails and messages with AI

This extension brings ChatGPT to your browser, while the above extension brings it to Google search. ChatGPT Writer is designed to write emails and messages on any website. The extension works standalone, so you only have to log in to OpenAI to use it. When you click on the extension, it asks for context, which is what the email/message should be about. If you are responding to a previous conversation, you can provide context.

  1. Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Assistant

Merlin is Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension that works across the entire browser, so if you like the ChatGPT for Google extension but want it browser-wide instead of just the search engine, here’s an alternative. Using Open AI’s GPT AI model, the extension gives the same answers to a variety of prompts.